Joost Dobbe – Swim naked

‘Joost Dobbe – Swim naked’ was a fun project I worked on with Hans Loosman at WRKS. The screen inserts were done by me on the Flame. Grain and color grading were done by Hans Loosman.

This is the new video for Swim Naked by Joost Dobbe. It is their second -free download- single and video clip for Kletter recordings. The video was directed by Naomi Bais and filmed by Erik Verhulst. The two young lovers are played by Lize Korpershoek and Randy Bais.


Postproduction: WRKS
Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
Grading: Hans Loosman
Editor: Erik Verhulst
Lights: Jerry De Mars
Art Direction: Judith veenendaal

Joost Dobbe – Vocals and Guitars
Dave Besse – Bass Guitar
Arjen Knaap – Drums
Gilles Rullmann – Violin
Nameer Matti – Guitars