T-Mobile – Uit en Thuis

Project Description

This film was cut to look like a seamless one taker. Although it's very clear that it merely a concept en not supposed to look like all is happening on the same location. At first we treated al shots as separate shot so we were able to work on it together and that combine all the shots in one transition project where all the shots are glued together to create the illusion of one take.


  • Screen Extraction
  • Camera tracking
  • Camera projections
  • Retouch

Work Done

  • Conform & prep: Nuke Studio conform en setting up scripts for comp.
  • Camera tracking & Match-moving: To accommodate for the clean up.
  • Paint & retouch: removing various elements of shot 2 (screen insert shot) in key area's of the shot.
  • Screen extraction: Exterior, Sky replacement & Seem to shot 3.
  • Screen insert: Incorporation shot 2 into shot 1.
  • Camera Projection: Extend hedge height and to remove elements in the shot.


  • Director: Thor
  • Production: New Ams
  • Agency: Anomaly
  • Producer: Yvonne Knook & Laura Hannewijk
  • Agency Producer: Lio Dijkman
  • Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen, Koen van Someren-Gréve & Mathijs Baltus
  • Colour grading: The Compoud

VFX Breakdown

Before / After

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