Replay – Hyperfree Jeans

Project Description

I'm very pleased to show you my latest work on the new commercial for Replay! For this commercial the main chunk of my work was beauty-work and digital makeup. As we don't come across these kind of jobs very often I took on this project with both hands. The changing lights and moving faces made things a fairly challenging at times. Retouching skin without losing texture is very much key to the process! Applying my new learned skills of last years masterclass 'The Dark Art of Digital Beauty Work' was a lot of fun! Of course, great films are made by great teams, so please check out all the people involved and if you like it, give it a thumbs-up!


  • Beauty work

Work Done

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  • Advertising Agency: 180 Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • President and Chief Creative Officer: Al Moseley
  • Managing Director: Stephen Corlett
  • Executive Creative Directors: Dan Treichel, Dave Canning
  • Creative Directors: Martin Beswick, Stephane Lecoq
  • Art Director: Lucas Schneider
  • Copywriter: David Kauder
  • Brand Director: Katharina Schablitzki
  • Account Manager: Nicole Scopes
  • Planner: Clare Satterthwaite
  • Head of Production: Olivier Klonhammer
  • TV Producer: Suzanne van den Bouwhuijsen
  • Business Affairs: Pamela Villaflores
  • Production Company: Camp David
  • Director: Robert Jitzmark
  • DOP: Erik Sohlström
  • Producer: Rickard Edholm
  • Production Manager: Nicola Jones
  • Service Production Company: Widescope
  • Production Designer: Roger Bellés
  • Stylist: Elsa Fisher
  • Choreographer: Sarah Pallares
  • Editor: Fiona Fuchs
  • Online Facility: Captcha
  • Colorist: Barry Clarke
  • Compositing & Beautywork: Gregoire Verweijen
  • Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk
  • Special Effects 3D: Frost VFX
  • 3D Artist: Roger Hallin
  • Sound Studio: Wave Music & Sounddesign
  • Sound Design & Mix: Randall MacDonald
  • Music Company: Adelphoi
  • Composer: Simon Gwilliam
  • Producer: Jonathan Watts

VFX Breakdown

Before / After

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