I’m a people person and a team player at heart. I love to work together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Solving complex creative and technical problems and sharing knowledge is crucial in my philosophy. I find joy in learning new things from others and teaching others, explaining concepts or helping to solve problems. I’ve often caught myself looking at the greater picture (processes/workflows) and thinking of ways to improve it or make it more efficient or user-friendly. I’m always keeping an eye on future developments. As a creative with a technical background I love to bridge the gap between technology and creativity.

I’m a big fan of arthouse/indie films and you will occasionally see me work on such projects in my free time.

Gregoire Verweijen

Work experience

Channable - Utrecht, Netherlands
Junior Integrations Engineer, 10/20/2021 - present
Python developer

The Compound - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Senior Compositor, 07/2019 - 10/2021
Compositing and VFX

Captcha! - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lead Compositor, 07/2013 - 07/2019
Compositing and VFX

Condor Digital - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Compositor, 04/2012 - 07/2013
Compositing and VFX

WRKS - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Compositor, 03/2010 - 04/2012
Motion graphics, Compositing and VFX work, Data-conforming/assembly

Cineco - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Digital artist, 06/2009 - 03/2010
Title desgin, retouching

Valkieser Capital Images - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Junior Compositor / Media expert, 12/2007 - 06/2009
Asssisting senior compositors with rotoscoping and screen inserts etc.

SCENECS International Film Festival - Amersfoort, Netherlands
Head of film programming, 01/2005 - 03/2011
Coreteam member, in charge of film programming, international relations, PR, screenings on locations



Nuke Studio / NukeX / Nuke

VRL201 - VR Production & Post: Live Action
NUK310 - The Dark Art of Digital Beauty Work
NUK306 - Production Nuke Finishing
NUK305 - Project Masterclass: The Machine
NUK304 - Advanced Nuke III
NUK303 - Nuke Stereoscopic Master Class
NUK302 - Advanced Nuke II
NUK240 - The Art and Science of Green Screen Keying, Part 2
NUK235 - The Art and Science of Green Screen Keying, Part 1
NUK229 - Hit the Ground Running with NUKE Studio
NUK213 - Nuke Stereoscopic Workshop
NUK212 - Nuke 2D to 3D Stereo Conversion
NUK211 - 3D Relighting Techniques in Nuke
NUK203 - Nuke and Stereoscopic
NUK202 - Intermediate Nuke II
NUK102 - Introduction to Nuke

Flame / Flint / Smoke

SMK208 - Intermediate Smoke 2013
SMK205 - Intermediate Smoke/Flame IV
FLM205 - Flame on Red Dwarf
FLM102 - Introduction to Flame

Pipeline / Workflow

DCT302 - Advanced Color Theory and ACES Workflow
DCT301 - Camera Tech and Colour Science
STR101 - Introduction to Stereoscopic
RED210 - Comprehensive Guide to RED Shooting & Post
RED102 - Comprehensive Guide to RED Post Workflow


HOU102 - Introduction to Houdini 12 - Part 1
HOU100 - Brick Wall Destruction


MDO101 - Introduction to modo, Part 1
MDO102 - Introduction to modo, Part 2


MYA102 - An Introduction to Maya 2011
MYA213 - Maya Rendering and Lighting



- Java for students: Programming in Java 2 with Swing


- PYT101-Python Scripting for Compositors (Training in progress)


Media Technologie (B.Eng.) - Amersfoort, Netherlands
Bachelor of Engineering, 08/2007
Minor in 'Broadcast and Cross-media' and 'Physical User Interface'