Prominent – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The ‘Prominent – Robot Vacuum Cleaner’ commercial is another new commercial for Pink Rabbit. For this commercial I was asked to hand animate a live-action cat getting sucked into the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This was a lot of fun, especially as I could play around with the particle engine of Nuke to exaggerate the effect even more. I cut the digital cat into separate pieces and warped it together to create a whole different  performance.
Also, in the close-up of the vacuum cleaner I laid down some small dust particles so that they could be sucked by the vacuum cleaner.  As for the carpet shot I used a split screen with a prepared carpet and a clean plate to generate a track shaved off carpet particle. Here I also used the particle engine of Nuke to generate carpet particles flying around from underneath the vacuum cleaner.
The Tag-ons were basically packshots plus a closeup of an iPad. Here I mainly did some beauty-work on the chair and comped and animated the screens inside the iPad. The 3 versions had different sizes of screen content, so they had to be hand animated separately.



  • Director: Ismael
  • Production: Pink Rabbit
  • Advertiser: Prominent
  • Agency: Selmore Creative Agency
  • Creatives: Niels Westra, Jakko Achterberg
  • RTV: Hanneke Kampschreur
  • Producer: Thomas Rohde
  • DOP: Martijn van Broekhuizen
  • Editor: Martin Heijgelaar
  • Sound: Marco Baay @ Ambassadors
  • Music composer: XXX
  • Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
  • Colour grading: Barry Clarke
  • Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk



the animation of the cat sucked into the vacumecleaner in slow motion. As you can see, this cat has been carefully assembled from several pieces to make the current animation possible, all is done in 2D, even the of the waving of the tail is done via spline warps to make the illusion of a draft towards the machine more funny and makes the whole feel a bit cartoon-like.


Before After

  • Before-Tagon
  • Before-Dust Particles
    After-Dust Particles
    Dust Particles
  • Before-Carpet Particles
    After-Carpet Particles
    Carpet Particles
  • Before-Cat animation
    After-Cat animation
    Cat animation