Ford – Welcome home

This commercial is of a different type as what we are used to for car commercials. This time no perfect shining car shots blasting from the screen but a car with character. He lived a harsh life. Like a runaway boy left home to lead the life he wanted but in the end (Spoiler alert!) return to his parental home. where his ‘father’ the repairman speaks out it’s unconditional love and lets the car in for some repair-love.

Two stunt cars ware used, and for good reason. halfway the shoot one of the cars lit on fire. Fun fact: As the stunt driver was helped to safety the cameraman were rushing to get the shot. This shot, of the burning car was completely accidental, but made it to the final cut! I worked about 4 days on this commercial and than something happened we (VFX-Artist) all fear. the commercial was re cut. A lot of the VFX shots were cut out and the film completely changed. We mourned for a bit and soon realized that the re cut served the film in the end.

The main chunk of the work on this film was replacing number plate on the car, removing other brands, split screen, removing the camera-rig from reflections and adding some smoke effects to enhance the experience.


Director: Ismael
Production: Pink Rabbit
Advertiser: Ford
Agency: Ogilvy and Mather Amsterdam
Agency Producer: Mariska Franssen
Creatives: Marco Q de Jong
Executive Producer: Mireille Lampe
Producer: Monique van Beckhoven
DOP: Noell Schoolderman
Editor: Govert Janse, Martin Heijgelaar
Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
Colour grading: Barry Clarke on Resolve
Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk

Before after

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