Bavaria – cafe de Kroeg

Another beer commercial. This time for Bavaria,  a typical dutch brewed beer. This commercial is the first of a serie of three. You are introduced to the new bar. The two owners are trying to think of a catchy name while the painter is waiting for the guys to make up their minds so he can paint the name on the door.


Work done

In the openingshot we retouched the facedes. The name on the coaster in his hand has been changed to ‘Like’ and designed the new titelscreen.


Director: Ismael ten Heuvel
Creatives: Niels Westra en Jakko Achterberg
RTV: Hanneke Kampschreur
Agency: Selmore Creative Agency
Production: Pink Rabbit
Producer: Mireille Lampe
DOP: Rutger Storm
Grading & Online: Captcha!
Editor: Martin Heijgelaar
Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
Conforming: Qianwei Tong
Colour grading: Barry Clarke
Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk