Heineken – Olympics

Project Description


  • CSS
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Work Done

  • Paint & retouch: Replaced number plate of the silver car. Add Heineken advertisement on the chalkboard. Remove unwanted elements from the environment.
  • Screen inserts: Several screen inserts in the bar and the terrace.
  • Screen Extraction: Extract hero character from one shot and add on stage in a different shot (end shot)


  • Director: Ismael
  • Production: Pink Rabbit
  • Agency: TBWANeboko
  • Creatives: Sander Volleman
  • RTV: Rosemarie Praaning
  • Producer: Jony van Hees
  • DOP: Wouter Westendorp
  • Music: Reinder van Zalk @Earforce
  • Post Production: Captcha
  • Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
  • Colour grading: Barry Clarke
  • Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk

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