The Complete Git Guide: Understand and master Git and GitHub

Course Description

This is the most complete practical Git and GitHub guide here on Udemy that includes tons of practical activities. Most important is that you will learn how Git works and knowing it you will be able much more easier use Git features and fix mistakes in your development workflow. You can have zero knowledge about Git and GitHub. All will be taught from scratch, from basic to advanced features.

Course Topics

Certificate of Completion

  • Installing Git
  • Initialize new Git repository
  • Make changes, add them to staging area and commit
  • Create, checkout and merge -branches
  • Merging branches: fast-forward and 3-way
  • Resolve merge conflicts
  • Move into detached HEAD state and make experimental commits there
  • Perform rebasing of the branches
  • Connect local and remote repositories
  • Pushing, fetching and pulling operations
  • Open Pull Request
  • Merge Pull Request
  • Add software versions using Git Tags
  • Create forks from other repositories
  • Contribute to public repositories using technique of forks and pull requests
  • Perform rebasing with squashing

Certificate of completion

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