Java for students with swing

Course Description

This book offers a clear introduction to Java programming. It is intended for students and other users without any prior knowledge of programming. The various topics are reviewed step by step, with the level of difficulty increasing slightly. The authors mainly deal with the use of applets but also deal with the programming of stand-alone applications.  It treats elementary concepts such as variables, decisions and loops, but also arrays, threads and object-oriented programming, with attention to Beans, RMI, JAR, JDBC and Swing. Examples taken from a wide range of applications, such as information processing, games, artificial intelligence.


  • Java 2 with Swing


  • Graphics library (AWT)
  • Variables and calculation
  • Methods and Parameters
  • Events
  • Decisions (if / switch statements)
  • Loops
  • Objects and classes
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Math and Graphs in AWT
  • Arrays and ArrayLists
  • Two-dimensional Arrays
  • Processing on Strings
  • Exceptions


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