This commercial is a sequence of stunning shots with beautiful women in different scenes. Traveling is a returning theme in many of Billy's film. This however is particularly beautiful.

Project Description

The VFX on this commercial were actually done by someone else. However for the directors cut the director wanted to work with Captcha. Two shots in this film were particularly challenging. The train interior (behind the talent) needed to be touched up. The D.O.P. used a special lens and no distortion grids were shot. Also the wide shot of the train in the beginning needed some adjustment. In this shot talent was on top of the the train. The director asked me to remove the talent. Since the shot was repurposed as an establishing shot. I ended up doing a camera track, making a point-cloud of the mountain and generating geometry from that. From there I projected a clean frame. Check out the VFX-Breakdown below.


  • TBA

Work Done

  • Retouch train interior.
  • Remove talent from the train roof.


  • Director: Billy Pols
  • Production: With Milk Films
  • Producer: Helen Atty, David Leite & Sylvia van Elmpt
  • Advertiser: SunBites
  • Agency: DDB
  • DOP: Wouter Westendorp
  • Sound: Erik-Jan Grob & Arno Willemstein
  • Offline Editor: Govert Janse
  • Post production: Captcha
  • Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
  • Colour grading: Barry Clarke
  • Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk

VFX Breakdown

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