Volkswagen – Roboboy

A romantic film about a young boy impressing a girl on here theme party. As the two slowing catching feelings for each other various feature of the Volkswagen car are shown by the practical suit.

Work done

For this commercial lot of retouch was done on the practical suit and front yard shots. Lens flares were added in several of the shots. lights on the practical suit were re-timed, replaced or enhanced

  • Lens flares (front yard and candle blowing) added or enhanced.
  • Retouch on a lot of the practical suit light since the timing was of on the set and the light effect was not having enough impact.
  • Retouch on the front yard scene.
  • Display of the car was added and animated (These shots are only in the product films).
  • Combines takes (in product films) to show some of the cars features


Director: Ismael
Production: Pink Rabbit
Agency: Achtung
Creatives: Mervyn ten Dam, Florian den Hollander, Vincent Versluis
RTV: Fione van Wijk
Producer: Monique van Beckhoven
DOP: Myrthe Mosterman
Editor: Martin Heijgelaar
Sound: Soundcircus
Post production: Captcha
Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
Colour grading: Barry Clarke
Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk