Super exited to announce that Echo is finally finished! It will premiere at 19th of September at the 'London ACM SIGGRAPH Event ' and I will be attending. The film, directed by Victor Perez, is completely filmed with motion control in a Green Screen studio at Stiller Studios.

Work Done

  • Screen extraction

Project Description

I worked on the Green screen extraction only together with the Lead compositor Richi Paramo. This was especially challenging since the takes were so long. The shots were up to 1700 frames, and the camera movements were very complex. Moving from Close-up with fine hair detail to a wide-shot and back to closeup again. See the final film below. Also check out the making of to get an impression of the amount of technique went into making this film.


  • Compositing
  • Screen Extraction
  • etc

Full Film

Making of


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