Free a girl – School for justice


The School for Justice has a bold aim: to fight the injustice of child prostitution by educating girls rescued from child prostitution to become lawyers and prosecutors with the power to prosecute the criminals that once owned them.

Project Description

On this production I mainly focused on designing the titles. The creatives sent me some references of what they would liked and I went ahead creating the title frames.


  • Motion Graphics

Work Done

  • Motion Graphics: Design and animation of the title frames.


  • Director: Juliette Stevens
  • Production: New Amsterdam Film Company
  • Executive producer: Jelani Isaacs
  • Producer: Laura Hannewijk
  • Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
  • Exectutive Creative Producers: Bas Korsten, Marcel Hartog
  • Creative Director: Friso Ludenhoff (concept), Maarten Vrouwes (concept)
  • Producer: Sanne Kragten
  • Screen Producer: Lotte de Rooij
  • DOP: Myrthe Mosterman
  • Sound: Studio Alfred Klaassen
  • Music: MassiveMusic
  • Offline Editor: Timo Vonk @MRTN
  • Post Production: Captcha
  • Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
  • Colour grading: Qianwei Tong

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