Johnnie Walker – Join the Pact

On this commercial I worked together with Meip Wijn. We did a lot of retouching. especially on the projection screens and a little on the exterior of the bar. before-after images will be added soon.


  • Director: Greg Brunkalla
  • Creatives: James Yeats Smith, Lars Jorgensen, Martin Ginsborg
  • TV Producer: Ralph de Haan
  • Agency: Anomaly
  • Production: Stink
  • DOP: William Etchebehere
  • Grading & Online: Captcha!
  • Editor: Govert Janse
  • Sound design: Sam Ashwell @ 75MPH
  • Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen & Meip Wijn
  • Colour grading: Barry Clarke on Resolve
  • Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk

Before – After

Coming soon!