Johnnie Walker – Join the Pact

Project Description

On this commercial I worked together with Meip Wijn. We did a lot of retouching. especially on the projection screens and a little on the exterior of the bar. before-after images will be added soon.


  • Paint & Retouch

Work Done

  • Paint & Retouch: Turn on one of the lights in front of the bar and clean up facade. Clean up wrinkly screens. Fix broken light in tunnel. Add green road sign for Sao Paulo Centro. Clean up light ad in drone shot. Remove a beer from the hands of a running extra.
  • Screen insert: Add or retouch/enhance projections on the screen
  • Split Screen: Blend light effects in the racing shots.


  • Director:
  • Production:
  • Agency:
  • Creatives:
  • Producer:
  • DOP:
  • Music composer:
  • Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
  • Colour grading:
  • Post Production Producer:

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