NUK305 – Project Masterclass: The Machine

Training Description

This course, taught by Russell Dodgson, is a fully production based course. It is designed to tie in directly with its companion course, MYA214: Production-based Lighting and Rendering being taught by Robert Harrington. The course will be dealing with a full vfx sequence shot bespoke for the course. The lessons will attack a variety of compositing tasks and will pay attention to how we view a sequence as a whole as well as concentrating on the minutia of each individual shot.


  • Tracking
  • Multi Pass Compositing
  • Rig Removal
  • Paint & Retouch

Sequence one

Firing bullets
  • Adding missing muzzle flashes
  • Soft edge roto (extending edge rgb)
  • Removing elements like cables, light stands, reflection of the crew, emergency escape light and closing the door
  • Bullet hits sequence (timing and layout over multiple shots, continuity)
  • Comping in the bullet hits into the glass
  • Removing eye blinking of the hero character

Sequence two

The machine
  • Creating a clean plate from set photo's
  • Screen extraction
  • De-spill foreground
  • Tracking & matchmoving
  • Rig removal
  • Multipass Composites

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