Douwe Egberts – Neighbor day Winter

Project Description

We had lots of fun making this Digital Set Extension for this Douwe Egberts commercial! The initial brief was to add snow on the roofs and extent the scene with more snow. Though later came the request if it was possible to also remove the tree half-way into the street. We took up this challenge.  Obviously you can take something out of the picture unless you fill that gap with something else. We gathered some pictures of this specific street and used these to reconstruct the buildings that were blocked by the tree and went on filling the street with winter elements. All this was done withing the time frame that was given for the initial brief.


  • Matte Painting
  • Paint & Retouch

Work Done

  • Matte Painting: Add snow on the rooftops, dressing the street with snowy elements. Removing the Tree, reconstructing the background behind the tree, Add in an other Background.
  • Paint & Retouch: Remove several elements from the street like advertisements and cars.


  • Director: Jonathan Elbers
  • Production: CZAR Amsterdam
  • Jr. Producer: Josepha Dhondt
  • Agency: TBWANEBOKO
  • Creatives: Tim Menko & Ingmar Larsen
  • Producer: Amber Akkermans
  • DOP: Daan Nieuwenhuijs
  • Music composer: Jorrit Kleijnen
  • Post production: Captcha
  • Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
  • Colour grading: Barry Clarke
  • Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk

VFX Breakdown

Before / After

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