Gregoire Verweijen | Compositing & Visual Effects

Documentary: This is my picture when I was dead

Just finished up the documentary ‘This is my picture when I was dead’ a Documentary by Mahmoud al Massad. Done at WRKS. Next week it will run at IDFA! Much thanks goes to Sylvia as the executive producer and Rupert as the assistenteditor ad ofcourse Mahmoud the driving force behind this film. It was great working with you guys.

Documentary: Religion connects! Religion connects?

Just finished up the documentary ‘Religion connects! Religion connects?’ Done at WRKS. From &Samhoud. About a christian and muslim together making the religious journey to Jerusalem. It was great working with you!

FXPHD: Finishing up the april ’10 term

Just finished the april ’10 term at FXPHD. nice stuff about the RED camera and some insights about stereo compositing in Nuke.

FXPDH Januari ’10 term completion

Thanks guys! This term was awesome! Learned a lot. Got up-to-speed on the Flame with the Flame-102 course. Couldn’t have done it without these fantastic courses. I saved the Flame-205 for the coming april-term.

Hired at WRKS!

It’s a pleasure and a honor to announce I’m joining the team of WRKS in Amsterdam as junior compositor. I’m very exited to work with these incredible talented people! Can’t wait to get started.

FXPDH October-term ’09 completion

Completed the october term! Thanks guys! This therm was a blast. I learned a lot about stereoscopy and it’s challenges. Still a bit behind on the python classes. But I can’t wait to sign up for the Januari term.

Hired at Cineco!

As from today I’ll be working at Cineco. Cineco is the only film lab in the Netherlands and I’m excited to learn lots of stuff about film. To start-off I will be working on the ‘digital department’ which means will be making title animations and digitally retouching damaged film sequences. When all is settled I’ll mainly be doing the scanning for audio on the URSA and Scanning one-lights on the millennium for ‘Though equity’ conservation project.

Valkieser files bankruptcy

Valkieser files bankruptcy as it could not survive the though year we had. There were not enough jobs to pay for the expenses and so Arthur had to pull the plug. it is a sad day for post-production in Amsterdam.. After so many years of service Valkieser has become part of post-production history. The managing staff will try to find a solution to continue business in some form. I wish all my colleagues the best of luck!

Hired at Valkieser Capital Images!

After my internship at Valkieser they decide to hire me. As from today I will be working on the ‘Media department’ where I will supporting all the operators in making all kinds of deliverables. Also we will be helping designing new workflows and be of technical assistance for issues occurring during jobs. I enjoyed my internship very much so I’m very happy to join the team as an colleague!