Feature Films

Proud to announce the release of Echo!

For a year Echo has toured around the world, screening a various film festivals. The final film is now finally for everyone to enjoy. A huge thanks to the Richi Paramo en Victor Perez for having the confidence in me and letting me work together with them on this film. With no further ado I present to you the final film: Echo!

Started working on Echo

I’m so excited! I’ve been asked to join the compositing team on Victor Perez’s new short film ‘Echo‘. As I work together with Richi Paramo I really feel honored to work side by side with these amazing talented artists. Today I sent in my first script for review. I can’t wait to get my hands on more more more shots! Check the trailer in my portfolio!

Theeb Premieres in the Netherlands

The film I worked on last year is finally premiering in the Netherlands! Theeb has been around the world conquering the hearts and minds of many. Now finally the time has come for the Dutch public to see. Theeb will be screened at locations below. See the trailer here.

World premiere of ‘Theeb’ at Venice International Filmfestival!

The latest film of Naji Abu Nowar called ‘Theeb’ will premiere at the Venice International Filmfestival on September 4th of 2014. I’ve been working on this film as a joint effort with lots of other people arround the world using shotgun as a project managing tool. I will be attending the premiere  in Venice and it will be awesome to meet the crew for the first time! Check out more about Theeb in my portfolio! The screening dates Venice International Filmfestival […]

Premiere of ‘Zombie: The Resurrection of Tim Zom’ at IFFR!

The latest film of Billy Pols called ‘Zombie: The Resurrection of Tim Zom’ will premiere at the International FIlmFestival Rotterdam (IFFR) on saterday 25th of 2014. I’ve been working on it for the last couple of weeks and we managed to finish it on time. Check out the trailer in my portfolio! The screening dates IFFR are: Saterday 25th jan. (15:30) @Pathé 7 Sunday 26th jan. (12:15) @Pathé 2 Thusday 30th jan. (22:00) @Cinerama 6 Book your ticket here.

Premiere of ‘De man met 100 kinderen’

Today is the world premiere of ‘De man met 100 kinderen‘ by Vuk Janic at the NFF. I’m honored to be credited and very nice to see Vuk and my friends from Keydocs again! It was a blast to see the final film. Keydocs screens 4 films at the NFF this year! Including the documentary ‘One fine day‘.

Documentary: One Fine Day

The latest documentary I worked on is ‘One Fine Day‘. Done at WRKS. After an incredible 3 weeks working on the film together with Klaas Bense and Hans Loosman the film was finally ready for the theaters. It kicked off at the IDFA film festival with and  grand premiere in the Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam. It was a honor to work with you guys! Thanks for the great times!

Documentary: This is my picture when I was dead

Just finished up the documentary ‘This is my picture when I was dead’ a Documentary by Mahmoud al Massad. Done at WRKS. Next week it will run at IDFA! Much thanks goes to Sylvia as the executive producer and Rupert as the assistenteditor ad ofcourse Mahmoud the driving force behind this film. It was great working with you guys.

Documentary: Religion connects! Religion connects?

Just finished up the documentary ‘Religion connects! Religion connects?’ Done at WRKS. From &Samhoud. About a christian and muslim together making the religious journey to Jerusalem. It was great working with you!