Having a look at Fusion

It’s been a while since my last update and I have to say I have been awfully busy. However the Cannes lions is just behind us and it’s traditionally a little bit more quiet during summertime. I’ve taken it upon me to learn a couple of new tools. On of them I had more fun with than I expected. I’m talking about Fusion. Many of you know that Nuke is in my blood. So this begs the question why Fusion?

FXPHD: Finishing up july’12 term

Just finishing up the July 2012 term with some great courses like ‘3D Modeling and Animation for NUKE Compositors‘ and also the ‘NUKE and Maya: Joan of Arc Project‘ was lots of fun!

FXPHD: Finishing up the januari ’12 term

This term was very interesting. learned a lot about Colour Science and Camera tracking. Cool stuff!

FXPHD: Finishing up July’11 term

This term was great! I loved the Nuke master courses especially, but the Maya course was also very cool. Hope to see more flame courses in the future. Thank you Russell Dodgson and Matt Leonard for those great classes. I gonna be busy in the coming months so next term for me will probably be in January next year.

FXPHD Januari ’11 term completion

Almost wrapping up the januari ’11 term of FXPHD. Thanks for the great courses. I had a blast doing them. Especially liked the Nuke courses. I can’t wait to see what next term has to offer!

FXPHD: Finishing up the april ’10 term

Just finished the april ’10 term at FXPHD. nice stuff about the RED camera and some insights about stereo compositing in Nuke.

FXPDH Januari ’10 term completion

Thanks guys! This term was awesome! Learned a lot. Got up-to-speed on the Flame with the Flame-102 course. Couldn’t have done it without these fantastic courses. I saved the Flame-205 for the coming april-term.

FXPDH October-term ’09 completion

Completed the october term! Thanks guys! This therm was a blast. I learned a lot about stereoscopy and it’s challenges. Still a bit behind on the python classes. But I can’t wait to sign up for the Januari term.