Gregoire Verweijen | Compositing & Visual Effects

Hired at Captcha!

I’m exited to announce I will be teaming up with Marcel Oudendijk en Barry Clarke at a new start-up called: Captcha!. Marcel and Barry have been involved in the industry for a long time and I’m very proud to say I am part of this team as from today. It is Gonna be a blast!

Commercial: Wieckse Shining glasses

This commercial was directed by Bram van Alphen en produced by Caviar Amsterdam. Brjorn Klaassen created all the 3D effects like the solar panels on the roof and all the fluid sims and particles and I made the sunbeams and compt everything together! Barry Clarke did the final grading. It was incredible projected to be part of and a lot of fun working with you guys! To view the end result and some highres images see my portfolio.  

Doing maintainance today!

Today I’m doing long needed maintenance on the website. I hope to have it up-and-running again late this evening. My portfolio might take a couple of days to complete, so please comeback soon!

Condor files bankruptcy [Update]

Today is a sad day for post-production in Amsterdam. After 30 years of service Condor has become an unforgettable part of Dutch post-production history. However, unable to adapt to the new market situation, having too high overhead-costs and the growing pressure for working with ever lowering budgets, it was an inevitable faith. Being part of this fantastic team for just one year, this bankruptcy comes for me as a shock, making long hours and working on incredible projects. An immense […]

Commercial: C1000 Kerst maak je samen

This funny C1000 commercial, directed by Hans Jonkers, is packed with visual effects, a nice project to close off this year at Condor. Because Hans filmed in November there was no snow. So we created this in most of the shots. Bjorn Klaassen was responsible for the the snow simulations and I compt everything together. For the end result and some highres images check my portfolio.

Commercial: ABN AMRO Inboedelverzekering

Just finished a commercial for ABN AMRO at Condor. This is meant to be a preroll. A CG-phone smashing on the ground. An edit by Xavier van Delft. Gijs van Broekhoven and Bjorn Klaassen modelled the phone and renderd many passes. I comped it togehther in Nuke. Rik Mahieu made the titles. To view the end result en see some highres images check my portfolio.

FXPHD: Finishing up july’12 term

Just finishing up the July 2012 term with some great courses like ‘3D Modeling and Animation for NUKE Compositors‘ and also the ‘NUKE and Maya: Joan of Arc Project‘ was lots of fun!

Premiere of ‘De man met 100 kinderen’

Today is the world premiere of ‘De man met 100 kinderen‘ by Vuk Janic at the NFF. I’m honored to be credited and very nice to see Vuk and my friends from Keydocs again! It was a blast to see the final film. Keydocs screens 4 films at the NFF this year! Including the documentary ‘One fine day‘.

Latesummer drinks at Keydocs!

Great party at Keydocs this evening! It was nice seeing my friends especially after a  very busy summer. We had an amazing time. Hope to see you all again soon!

Commercial: C1000 X-GoGo’s

Just finished up the new C1000 X-GoGo’s commercial at Condor directed by Billy Pols. It was really a blast working on this spot with  Gijs van Broekhoven as a 3D artist and Rik Mahieu for the titles. I’ve been comping in the CG spoons and pencil sharpeners. Click below to see the spots!