Having a look at Fusion

It’s been a while since my last update and I have to say I have been awfully busy. However the Cannes lions is just behind us and it’s traditionally a little bit more quiet during summertime. I’ve taken it upon me to learn a couple of new tools. On of them I had more fun with than I expected. I’m talking about Fusion. Many of you know that Nuke is in my blood. So this begs the question why Fusion?

Since Fusion has been bought by Blackmagic Design is has been given away freely which makes is very accessible for startup’s to get involved with Fusion. So for me it seems like a perfectly normal step to at least give Fusion a chance. Nuke still is my go to tool for almost everything but it seem wise to look around for other developments as well. So there it is, my first Fusion course is a fact. I had lot’s of fun exploring all the options and especially finding news ways to get to a creatively satisfying result. I will be exploring Fusion further for the coming weeks an than move on to the next tool on the list. keep you posted!

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