Rabobank – Growing a better world

Rabobank wants to create awareness about them, or their customers,  improving living conditions in the world.  Growing a better world, together.

Work done

For this commercial I was Leading the compositing team as this commercial had to finish quickly. The main goal was to touch up the shots and for many shots they decided in the edit to reverse it, however the eyes of the talent was not to be reversed. so we ended up re-timing the eyes on on a lot of faces and tracking them back in.

  • Tracking / Matchmoving
  • Retouch


Agency: Havas Lemz
Creatives: Obeth Pattipeilohy & Chester de Vries
Production: Hazazah
Producer: Jeroen v/d Idsert
Dop: Steeven Petitteville
Editor: Govert Janse
Director: Krijn van Noordwijk
Post production: Captcha
Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen, Daniel van der Kaade and Floris van Veen
Color Grading: Barry Clarke
Post production producer: Marcel Oudendijk