Modd – Higher

Together with Qian Wei (Colorist) I have been working on this music video in my downtime. The brief for the VFX was that the world should be depressing and deserted (almost post-apocalyptic). You’re following the main character in a journey through his mind. I’ve been replacing a lot of skies as well as breaking down the environment. As we don’t have a CG department available, all the effects were done in 2D. Adding new elements of making matte-paintings for existing elements.


The main character is depressed and feeling deserted. Locked in his cell wanting to escape. When he finds a way to escape, he wanders around in a deserted broken down world. eventually heĀ  meets his significant other and things starting to clear up, only to find that this was all an illusion and he is still alone is his cell.


  • Artist: Modd
  • Title: Higher
  • Productiemaatschappij: Helder Content
  • Regie: Huub Lensvelt
  • DOP: Nina Badoux
  • First/focus puller: Kasper Stegeman
  • Gaffer: Jim Stuurman
  • Licht: Wiegert de Vries
  • Edit: Timo van MRTN Edit Boutique
  • Titelanimatie: Rens Wegerif
  • Post-Production: Captcha!
  • VFX: Gregoire Verweijen
  • Grading: Qianwei Tong
  • Post-Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk

Met heel veel dank aan Melvin, Esther, Stephan, Martin Heijgelaar, Barry Clarke en Ismael.

Before – After

  • Before-Shot 39 UNGRADED
    After-Shot 39 UNGRADED
    Shot 39 UNGRADED
  • Before-Shot 50 UNGRADED
    After-Shot 50 UNGRADED
    Shot 50 UNGRADED
  • Before-Shot 52 UNGRADED
    After-Shot 52 UNGRADED
    Shot 52 UNGRADED
  • Before-Shot 53 UNGRADED
    After-Shot 53 UNGRADED
    Shot 53 UNGRADED
  • Before-Shot 55 UNGRADED
    After-Shot 55 UNGRADED
    Shot 55 UNGRADED
  • Before-Shot 61 UNGRADED
    After-Shot 61 UNGRADED
    Shot 61 UNGRADED

The before-After pictures are all made from the ungraded sources as we did the grading after the VFX work.